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Our practice continually looks for advances to ensure that we are providing the optimum level of oral health care to our patients. We are concerned about oral cancer and look for it in every patient.

One American dies every hour from oral cancer. Late detection is the primary cause of the increase in incidence and mortality rates of oral cancer. As with most cancers, age is the primary risk factor for oral cancer. Tobacco and alcohol use are other major predisposing factors but more than 25% of oral cancer victims have no such lifestyle factors. Studies also suggest that Human Papillomavirus (HPV 16/18) plays a role in more than 20% of oral cancer cases. The oral cancer risk patient profile is as follows:

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We have incorporated OralID into our oral cancer screening and standard of care. We find that using OralID along with a standard oral cancer screening examination improves the ability to identify suspicious areas at their earliest stages. Early detection of pre-cancerous tissue can minimize or eliminate the potentially disfiguring effects of oral cancer and possibly save your life. OralID is a simple and painless exam that will be offered to you annually.

The fee for this exam is $29.00

YES, I would like to have the OralID exam done at this appointment

NO, I would not like to have the OralID exam done at this appointment

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